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  • Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3,000 people are waiting for shipment to read!

Thank you Brent!
3,000 will be able to read and work thanks to the generosity of Brent Martin from Maxem Eyeware.

Brent called me last week to come to pick up some 200 pairs of NEW reading glasses.
I was thrilled! Can you imagine giving this to people that can’t read and work?
Last Thursday I wen to pick up the box, and I am walking in this huge warehouse full of boxes.
 We need to ship this items overseas! I am still looking for shipment arrangements.
 Any thoughts?
  • Monday, June 22, 2009

Shoes for the World!

Susan Proffitt, President and CEO Profitable Solutions Executive Search invited me to joing the Footwear Industry Insiders Network, a forum for all in the footwear business with 1,200 members.


Through Susan I am in contact with Wayne Elsey Founder and CEO – Soles4Souls which mission is to impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes. Partnering with charities and governments around the world to provide a basic (yet indispensable) gift that most of us take for granted.


  • Source of Inspiration, June 2009
In 1986, Anne Brevig and Martin Vennesland sold most of their worldly belongings and moved onboard their new sailboat, which they named “NOR SIGLAR”, meaning “Northern Sailor” in old Norse.
For 5 years they lived onboard their 40 foot French sloop in Spruce Harbour Marina in Vancouver, to save money and prepare themselves and the vessel for an offshore adventure, which started in 1991 and ended in 2000.
So NOR SIGLAR, has not only been their faithful circumnavigator for 9 years – but their beloved floating home, their only home – for 15. Their voyage has not “just” been a circumnavigation, but a life style.During 56,000 nautical miles at sea, they visited 76 countries and island colonies, met interesting peoples from different cultures and had many, many exciting and touching experiences while also encountering dramatic and dangerous challenges.

In short, it was a once in a lifetime adventure, full of highs and lows, which they share with you on their website and their book.

  • Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shipping needed for 3,300 pairs!

 Shoes for the World is “shipping distance” to provide new shoes to 3,300.
People making a difference!
 Last Saturday I visited David who donated 300 shoes from his father’s shoe store. David is happy and excited that these shoes can be of benefit for people in need.  David’s father used to run “Freedman Shoes”
Thank you David
There was a mistake! The number Ronson Shoes donated is not 500 pairs of shoes………..
It is more than 3,000 pairs, see it yourself!
Yesterday I visited Ronson Shoes Warehouse together with Tony and Carolyn.
Carolyn’s big heart listen to Stanley at the end of March when Shoes for the World was published in the 24 hours News Paper.
With no hesitation Carolyn called me and offered 500 pairs that have grown to be more than 3,000.Stanley is the “Man” at the center, is touching 3,000 people that need these shoes badly. Stanley has worked for Ronsons Shoes for a number of years.
Thank you Stanley, Carolyn and Tony
You can make the difference too!
What can you do?
Do you know anybody in the shipping business? Couriers?
Call me or email me with your suggestions!
  • Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shoes for the World at Schools

Kitsilano Vancouver, BC Canada
Principal Davidson welcomed today the idea of having her school participate actively in learning geography, cultures, sailing and connecting with children abroad through an innovative internet base program that can connect up to 200 people simultaneously.
Soon you will be able to talk and see me live and I will see you and listen to you anywhere in the world thanks to the “Asita Informatica Inc” system.
Shoes for the World attracts the attention of Tahitipetey whose foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness about important global issues and finding workable solutions to overcome their impact. Tahitipetey’s primary focus is on those activities that are devastating our oceans and marine life, like over fishing. But mainly the need for us to reduce the plastic waste reaching them.  Our proposed programs are designed to do this in a purpose driven, non-political manner to change how we view and make use of “one-use only” plastic products.

  • Thursday, May 14, 2009

We are getting closer to departure on July 20, 2009
 We have set up a spot for generous people like you, anything helps!We appreciate your donation.
  • Friday, May 1, 2009

In the News

Shoes for the World sailed in the last weeks in strong winds with hot media coverage!

Since then Eduardo is receiving hundreds of calls with contributions and volunteering help.

From a free 20′ container to anywhere in the world and free storage for 6 Months from International Movers Ltd to individuals who want to make a difference by donating shoes and clothing, reading glasses, and books.

Ronson Shoe Stores are on board donating 500 pairs of shoes
People want to know what they can do to help and to be part of the project.It’s an amazing and heartwarming phenomenon.
What can you do?
Talk to people, spread the word about Shoes for the World, look in your closets and garage for shoes and clothing that you no longer need.
Talk about it at work, at school, everywhere.
Do you have school aged children? Talk to your school’s principal or child’s teacher about starting Shoes for the World at your school.

Shoes for the World connects kids from here to remote locations overseas. Kids communicate though live broadcast over the internet.
Time Echoes Softly is a donation from Esther McIlveen to raise funds, email me me to get your copy at
 Shoes for the World opens new horizons for kids here and everywhere, understanding and getting involved in our global community.
Why Kids?
Simple….they are the future
  •  Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shoes for the World came to me while listening to the stories of Malcolm and Jackie Holt who have visited third world countries.

What I see is the opportunity of …. “making a difference”.
I came to the realization that we can make a huge difference for them with quite little

I am, like you are too, looking to do something meaningful, something that will make your fibres shake.
This is it! We have kids that grow pretty fast, their shoes and clothes are soon too small. We often chuck them out or give them to charity not knowing where they went or if our gift has made an impact on anybody.
Recently I saw this picture
from a small island in the South Pacific paddling a canoe. His face showed ecstatic, just having received his first pair of shoes ever! That shook my fibres and got me thinking, what can I do?
Shoes for the World

You and me gather shoes and clothes that people don’t need anymore, and ship it to those places in need. We have a network of people that are cruising (sailing) in those areas and that would be so happy to give them away and document it with pictures and testimonials.

How to?
Creating teams is the first step. These teams will start talking about Shoes for the World, get in contact with schools, communicate the idea to Principals, PAC Presidents, parents and students.

The teams will enrol people in the idea and plan on having two to three campaigns per year.
The teams will collect, pack, and ship the goods to either me or another team member at specific destinations throughout the world.
The cruisers will then be in charge of the distribution.
There are hundreds of Cruisers (people sailing their sailboats throughout the world) organized in an association (Bluewater Cruising Association (Canada); Seven Seas Cruising Association (USA); Royal Cruising Club (UK)), that would be happy to close the circle and make a difference, I am one of them!
What is the opportunity? Making a difference to others?
Creating unity among us through a common task?
What do you see for yourself out of this?
Let me know your thought!
  • Friday, February 13, 2009

Leaver are the people who are taking off this year

I am setting sail as early as the end of May this year!
It has not been easy. From the point in which an idea is born, to getting the commitment, can sometimes take our whole life or more… The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions for me, here is where I am at.
· I am sailing my Benteau 343 around the world, it will do the trick!

· I am selling my House and just about all of my belongings to finance most of the adventure.


  • I will be back, if the wind so decides, to continue my journey in this direction.

· I discovered the purpose of my dream. It is to make a difference to others that have less (material stuff).
· I have been busy doing many things to forward my dream of sailing around the world. I have learned a lot.

As I sat for lunch yesterday, I was thinking about the process that it has been for me, how did it all start? It really started long ago when I was a kid, I always dreamed of sailing the world. My desire to do it propels me daily. Recently, I find myself in a real estate market that has slowed down, I am 54 years old, not getting any younger – it seems the perfect timing for me to realize my dream.

1. The Now…
My house is being painted and will be put on the market for sale this week.
Craigslist Ads have been placed, I’ve already sold $1,150 – it’s now in the Sailing Around the World Savings Account – first expenditure is rigging up the boat!
How can I raise some small money to help rig the boat? Good question!
I got great advice from some of you and even with my drive, it is always up the hill.
My idea is to gather stuff that you don’t use that I can sell! I am looking for you to tell me what is that you have that you don’t want that I can sell to help pay for the rigging.
2. Talking about the rigging…is a never ending story…..
I need a watermaker, a wind vane, a SSB radio with a modem, a laptop with the navigation system, the security equipment, the storm sails, ya, ya, ya…. it gets stormy out there!
The lee cloth and others that I didn’t know existed like the “lopo light” and much more, guess what – the money keeps on adding in the wrong side of the balance.
3. And there is the “KNOW HOW” that I don’t know….
I started taking the Coastal Navigation Course and the Radio Operators Course in the fall. You need to know what you really need to know!
Next I started talking to everybody that I know who has done it.
They are called “doners” in the jargon! Among them I knew only one, my cousin Jay. So I invited him for dinner to pick his brains. Then I called JP who sold me the boat, he pointed me to Malcolm.
I called Malcolm and he invited me to come to his lecture last Friday during the boat show. I managed to convince Astrid and Klaus to come with me that night. As you might already have figured out, they are not yet on board in my dream. One more area to work on!
When I told Jay that I was meeting Malcolm, he said, “I know Malcolm and Jackie, I met them in Mexico!” To make the long story short, Malcolm and his wife Jackie sailed around the world for 9 years in a boat just like mine! They had the trip of their lives and what the really got out of it was the meaning of their lives – to be of contribution to others. Briefly, they were in El Salvador for a big earthquake where everything was pretty much leveled. Malcolm (Architect) and Jackie organized a number of sailors. More than 100 sailors in the area raised money all over and built 12 houses in 6 months for the 72 residents of a small local village. Wow! That is what I want to do! It really gets deep in my fiber.
So I met Malcolm and Jackie after the lecture on Friday night and we talked and talked and talked. I was so inspired that I went to see them again the next day at the boat show. Malcolm told me that I should visit the Blue Water Cruising Association booth at the boat show.
At the Blue Water Association booth I met Boudewijn and I talked to him for an hour. He invited me to Blue Water’s Club Night the following Tuesday. Boudewijn is a “doner”!
On Tuesday night, to my excitement, I arrived at the meeting expecting 10 people, there were over 250 people there!

At the break Boudewijn introduced me to a number of experienced sailors, I was just thrilled! A couple shared about their trip, exactly the same trip that I want to do. There again, what they got for themselves was the meaning of their lives. I saw my dream come alive. These people are an inspiration, and a contribution to others while fulfilling their own dreams.
This has led me to the meaning, the possibility of my own voyage around the world. The reason for my trip is to make a contribution to others.
On the same Saturday I listen to Anne speak about her trip. Anne shared details of her 15 year sailing excursion around the world with her husband Martin. She and Martin took used eye glasses on the trip and distributed the glasses to people in need all over the world. I like the idea as there are many people all over the world who don’t have access to eye glasses the way that I have throughout my life. I am also inspired to do a shoe and clothing collection. The plan, since my boat is not that big, is to have a team who will send the items to me to pre-determined destinations throughout my voyage. The majority of the people I will meet have next to nothing, and some have never used shoes in their lives.
  • Tuesday, October 14, 2008

50,000 Miles Around The World with Eduardo
“I am taking on this journey to show the world that anything is possible.”
The dream of sailing around the world is very much alive for 54 year old Vancouverite, Eduardo.
As a boy growing up in Chile, Eduardo was introduced to sailing when he was 10 years old.
The water, the wind and the dynamics were fascinating for Eduardo at 10, now at 54 the passion is still alive. Sailing was a major part of Eduardo’s life until he was 25. At 25 the daily rigors of Eduardo’s life took over, career, family, responsibility…18 months ago Eduardo returned to sailing.
With 2,000 miles sailing clocked in the last 18 months, Eduardo is poised to fulfill his dream. 50,000 Miles Around The World that Eduardo wants to share with you.
Eduardo’s goal is to sail around the world, share the experience and connecting people and inspiring others to see what is possible. Eduardo would like to join your group to tell you more about his plans of sailing around the world and show the world what is possible!
What is the challenge?
Living by and with the elements Surviving with the basics, safety, and food and myself!
A life experienced with adventures will be summarized in a book, a TV series and a Movie.

I am open to your suggestions.

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