• October 22, 2013 another day flying this amazing plane, it is my best teacher.  This plane has improve my flying skills a LOT! I have been practicing 3D flying.

  • September 26, 2013 VisionAire doing Harriers.

  • September 8, 2013 VisionAire doing low and slow flights.

  • July 21, 2013 flying the NEW VisionAire after Saturday’s dead of the first one.

      • July 14, 2013. This is Scott’s Edge flying on a 1300 mAh battery. Plane is made out of EPP foam. Super agile and light. Tons and tons of power to do it all!

      • July 8, 2013 another awesome day of playing and practicing with the ParkZone VisionAire. My goal is to get to do the high alpha manoeuvres all day long!

      • June 29, 2013. Last weekend Scott, our newest pilot in the bunch showed up with his extra 400. What a cool plane! It got me thinking and after a while… I got the ParkZone VisionAire on Thursday from ParkZone.

      • July 17, 2012. I got the plane yesterday and feeling like a great pilot i put it together and went for a test flyght right away. MISTAKE! I did not checked the ailerons travel and assumed that being a great pilot I could handle anything. As soon as I took off the plane wanted to turn slightly to the left, so I corrected to the right. To my surprise the plane started rolling, one, two and crash before I could react!  Damage that is not reparable are the two servos from the tail. The rest is glued and ready to test with lots of Expo and reduced aileron travel. Bad, bad feeling!