Since I remember I had the fascination for flying.  I remember spending hours watching the seagulls and the pelicans fly, majestic, easy, gentle through the air.  I watched and dreamed that I be a bird, stretch my wings and take off.  Watch from above, from a different dimension. Dominating the world beneath.


Amazing was my first aeroplane ride, the field below had different colors and shapes that I have never seen before, how different it all looked from above! What a prospective.










I would never forget the dizzying noise of the gyroscope, the smell of that aeroplane, the noise of the radio everything was special and surreal. A dream come true.


Years after, I could have been 10 years old, I flew a Jet, a DC 8 from Canadian Pacific where my brother in law was the pilot.  From climbing the stairs to the plane all was magic.  At my first step into the cabin the smell hit me! Wow, it was an indescribable mix of smells of plastic, jet fuel, hot breaks, hot rubber that I called “Aeroplane Smell”.  The drilling noise of the gyroscope and the rest of the instruments.  I am talking 1964 people!! Different smell is now around planes.



In my race to fly I have had a number of experiences among them Hang Gliding for a number of years in Chile, Flying private planes in Chile, held a private pilot license.  Flying my own ultralight for two years in Vancouver, Canada. Flew Paragliding… didn’t like it! I believe I started flying remote controlled planes in the early eighties in Chile, discontinued  for few years, started again in Prince George, Canada in the late 1990 and back in full force since 2011 enjoying the new electric technology.


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  •  September 1, 2013 flying at Moore Air RC Field in Gresham Oregon with friends.


  • August 25, 2013 a day flying at the park


  • 2013 pictures with friends flying RC planes.
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